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Luscious lips are a key to ever lasting

Luscious lips are a key to ever lasting beauty
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The universal trend these days is to brighten up your face with a blusher, apply some mascara, dab on the best foundation and make the looks more striking by using the most luscious lipsticks. Nothing like if you could include a fine line with the lip liners. Though your beauty is skin deep, yet cosmetics will always play its own part to enliven your beauty.
Nude is the preferred look, particularly when it comes to lips. So you have the earthy nude, the nude pink, nude beige, and even nude brown can do the trick. There are enthusiasts who vow by this; they claim to be unable to touch any other shade. But ladies get ready to dive deep into hue, for red is coming back with a bang again this winter in Pakistan. The Pakistan’s models have been sporting red lips – carmine, crimson, vermillion or even post box red. A red lipstick is a classic look, which is popular in every season in Pakistan, be it in any texture or feel. The hue is voluptuous, waxy, creamy matte, but not ultra glossy in fashion in Pakistan. When you wear red, you make a fashion statement. You must be prepared to be the centre of appeal. So you better get your red lips exactly.
When you decide to go red; then make sure your lips are soft and free of fakes and chapped skin. Apply a lip balm smoothly rub the lips with a soft towel to loosen chapped skin. Then apply the balm or a lip conditioner again to smooth the skin. Then use a lip liner in your natural skin tone to line your mouth and fill the lips in – this will ensure that the lipstick bleeds on your lips and you get a smudge-free finish.

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